As You Like It


As You Like It is one of Shakespeare's finest romantic comedies, variously lyrical, melancholy, satiric, comic and absurd. Its highly implausible plot generates a profusion of love-lorn men, a resourceful heroine in disguise, sexual ambiguity, melancholy philosophising and finally a multiplicity of marriages. The ironic medley of pastoral artifice, romantic ardour and quizzical reflection has helped to make As You Like It perennially popular in the theatre.
Издание "As You Like It" выпущено печатным издательством "Wordsworth" в 1993 году. Входит в серию "Wordsworth Classics". Издание состоит из 128 стр., а его автором является William Shakespeare. Найти в наличии и купить книгу можно в одном интернет-магазине.

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William Shakespeare: As You Like It
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William Shakespeare: As You Like It

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